Ron & Mike flank the CYLA participants, Erin Contini, Elisabeth 
Laughlin, Emilie Gelpi, and Andre' Wiggins.

CYLA contestants from left, Erin Contini, Elisabeth Laughlin, Emilie 
Gelpi, and Andre' Wiggins, with Ron Coco, GK and Mike Coleman, Youth 
Committee Chair

CYLA winners, Elisabeth Laughlin and Andre' Wiggins with GK Ron & 
Youth Chairman Mike.

Ron & Mike flank CYLA Winners Elisabeth Laughlin and Andre' Wiggins.

Chris Abney, DEA, speaks to attendees of the KC Social for Substance 
Abuse Poster and CYLA participants and their families.

KC 4030 Chancellor Louis Rogge presents a plaque to Jeff Kleinpeter 
to express our thanks for their contribution of ice cream for Nursing 
Home Socials

Chris answers questions during discussion on Drug Abuse.

Bob Brady discusses his recent trip to Washington for the Pro-Life 
March to attendees at the KC Dinner Social.

Substance Abuse Poster Winners Lydia Coleman, Sarah Coleman, And 
William Benoit (Ainsley Albert not pictured).

Lydia & Sarah Coleman with William Benoit show off their posters 
while Father McGivney looks on.