Jerome & Bob busy with the Burgers!! Jerome & Albert dumping the Hot Fries!! OK, it's hamburger and hotdog dressing time.
Some Rodriguez getting ready to eat. The Bradys seem to be enjoying their lunch. Thanks for the Fries, Bob!! Another view of the Rodriguez. Looks like shopping time!!
Everyone getting ready to build reindeer, I think. OK, so the "Old GK" finally gets to eat!! It's a "tight" Saints game, so it's hard to get everyone's attention.
Is that a snowman flying? Oh No, it's a pinatta!! OK, we have to knock it down to get the goodies. And, Maria does the trick!!
OK, Mike. Get them singing. I think I hear Santa coming!! Keep 'em singing. He must be close, I hear the Bells!! OK, Santa's here and the kids are ready. Emma is #1.
Emma sits on Santa getting her gifts. Catherine gets her gift from Santa!! Now it's Corinne's turn.
And, Caroline tells Santa what her wish is for Christmas. Victoria tells Santa her Christmas wishes. Michelle Morales speaks with Santa.
Corbon Osborne looks intently while on Santa. Jeffery Osborne waits for Corbon to return with his gift from Santa. Elise Cooper, says "No, I won't get on Santa's lap!!"
Molly takes Kathryn to get her gift from Santa. Gabrela Morales discusses her Christmas wishes with Santa. Ally answers Santa's questions before getting her present.
Mary Rose listens intently as Santa asks her what she wants for Christmas. The gallery as Santa gives out gifts. Surprise, Will!! Santa has a gift for you, too!
And, Sarah confides to Santa what she wants this Christmas. And, the little elf, Maria whispers in Santa's ear. Last, but not least, Lydia gets a gift from Santa.
Several of the children with Casey, Mrs. Coco & Santa!! Ally Abadie sits on Santa's lap, waiting for her present. Bob sitting on Santa's lap. Did he say he was a "GOOD" boy?
Elise Cooper doesn't know Santa is that close!! Several attendees sing Happy Birthday to JESUS prior to cutting the Birthday Cake. The Happy Birthday Jesus Cake as the cutting begins!!