The Hotaling Clan enjoying Papa John's Pizza

The Blanchard Group seem pretty interested in Papa John's, too

And the Sanchez family with the Coleman's behind.

Some Fernandez folks & Vermaelen"s partaking also.

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Wrapping up the birthday song.

The vinella Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

And, the chocolate!!  Looks like someone's taking out a candle.

Colby enjoying his snowman!!!! Umm, that's good!!

JaimeLynn working on her snowman.

Maria pondering her next move on the snowman!!

Hey, that looks good enough to eat.

Looks like everyone is in the game.

And some more!!

Travis giving the children a lesson in the "real" meaning of Christmas.

A different angle on the children hearing about the birth of Christ.

GK Coco explaining the Cajun Santa Claus story.

Now he shows the gators pulling the skiff!!

The final scenes in the Cajun Christmas Story.

Hey, the kids did good with their Snowmen.

More Snowmen!!

The winner of the snowman contest, William Benoit, putting Christ in the manger.

Everyone looking at the people and animals in the Nativity scene.

Still looking!!

The group singing "Away in a Manger!!"

OK, now it's "Silent Night."

Santa arrives at the Hall!!

Santa hands out a gift to Reid Cooper!!

And, one to Ethan Fernandez!

Josh Cooper gets a gift from Santa!!

Elise Cooper has her turn with Santa!!

And then it was Jake Fernandez.

More gifts from Santa to Madelyn Ballow.

Is that Catherine Blanchard getting a gift from Santa???

OK, was that a trick by my sisters!!!

Santa gives a gift to Corinne Blanchard!!

Catherine Sanchez seems a little scared with Santa!!!

Mattie Fernandez seems to enjoy Santa!!

Patrick Blanchard takes his turn..

Colby Hotaling gets his gift!!

JaimeLynn Hotaling smiles for her pic as Mom clicks!!

Andrew Coleman getting a Christmas gift from Santa!!

Then it was Maria Coleman's turn!!

Lydia Coleman, Santa's helper gets a gift from Santa

And, so does Sarah Coleman, Santa's other helper!!!