June 7, 2009

PGK Gerald Meyers working with Gene & C.J. on the boiled potatoes for 
the crawfish boil.

Skipper, Louis & Anthony discuss the crawfish boil.

Skipper, with Mike in the background, watch the mudbugs.

Mike with Pat & Patti Morgan while Guy Lato and Anthony chat in the 

Cal Hamilton and Louis talking on the patio as the crawdads boil.

OK, the Tom's got some crawfish and seem to be enjoying.

The Blanchards, with Jean and Nancy in the background.

The Rodriguez clan seem to be enjoying the crawdads.

OK, who's teaching who how to eat crawfish?

Sarah & Lydia look happy with their crawdads, but Maria is ordering 
pizza, I think.

Everyone looks happy as they enjoy their hamburgers, hotdogs, 
crawfish and dessert.