Easter Party
March 28, 2010
Guy getting those fries ready for the Easter Party. Jerome working the grill with the burgers. Anthony keeping things neat in the Hall.
Mike and Maria getting those balloons ready for the crowd. What's that Maria? Sorry I don't have anymore "hot air" for the balloons!! Alright, they're beginning to arrive.
Duane Mayers with his Mom and children. Cheryl chats with the Blanchards. OK Jeremy. Are you guarding the exit door? Oh, no, looks like watching Victoria!!
Mason & Maria have their lunch, but looks like a "CROWD" still waiting. Jonathan & Elizabeth with the Blanchards. And, is that Jason in the rear?? The Rodriguez Clan with Jeremy & Mike's group behind.
Part of the Fernandez clan relaxing after hosting Bob's 80th!!! WOW!! Wow!! That's a lot of chairs. Wonder who will get the last one? OK, you didn't get a chair, but you "DO" get a prize. Jeremy & Jennifer manning the music as Jason peeks in.
And round & round they go. Only about six left!! And now two!!
Ow!! That hurt, but I do get a prize if not a chair. The under 4 year olds get help as Phillip gets his shots!! Molly, Robert and others help the young kids.
The little ones still finding eggs!! I see some here, kids!!! Now we're in the back as the older kids scoot around looking!! Looks like they're "way" back!!
Still looking, but closer to the Hall!! Mike with the winners and their trophies!! And, the gingerbread box goes to our oldest Knight in attendance, Bob!!