Jimmy & Guy cook hamburgers and French Fries.

Many folks are now ready for the egg decorating contest.

Rupert looks like he's in charge of planning the egg decorating contest.

Mike overseeing the table with Jason and Guice's Atlanta contengency.

Mike, Jo, Guice & Anthony work in the kitchen, doling out hotdogs and 

More egg decorating, with help from some parents.

Egg decorating going on "all around."

OK, let's get this "Just Right."

Is Bill contemplating joining the dying contest?

A family affair as the egg contest continues.

How do you think this egg looks?

Mark helps with the egg dying.

Mike announcing the end of egg dying and how to put the eggs for 

The egg decorating contest judge Jason looks very carefully to pick 3 winners.

The egg decorating contest judges look very carefully to pick 3 winners.

More of the small children hunting eggs, with help!!!

OK, here's one.  Pick it up!!

The older children hunting for eggs behind the Hall in the BIG Lot.

The egg hiders are always available for HELP!!

Lacy Duncan, one of the winners with her prize.

The 3 winners of the egg hunting contest.

Another view of the egg hunting winners with their prizes.

Winners of the Egg Decorating contest.

Another view of the Egg Decorating contest winners.