Lenten Fish Fry, 2010
Chuck & Gene cut up the fish for the FRY!! Dan joins in the fish cutting, getting ready for the FRY!! Robert checks with Jerome on the slaw!!
Michael & Albert handling the "Big" pots. David & Bob, with Tim in the background getting the fish ready to FRY!! Richard cooking up some of that delicious crawfish etouffe!!!
Jimmy & Richard look ready to tackle the FRY!! Jimmy & Robert , with Michael at the till, move them through the line. Allen's daughter, Guice, Mason & Rupert are getting the dinners served & packaged!!
Robert talks to Henry while Tim gets fish ready for the FRY!! Mason & Guy putting the fish in the BIG pots! Robert working the line during the Fish Fry!!
Joshua shakes GK Ron's hand as he receives his RSVP check while the CREW looks on!!! New KC 4030 member Mason Bourg, with Robert & Michael in the background, proudly wears his KC Apron while serving Lenter Fried Fish dinners. Guy comes "out of the kitchen" to see what's going on during the Lenten Fish Fry!!!
Michael H, Mason. & Michael L are ready to serve the fish. Youth getting service hours, Daniel & Michael wait for customers. Dan looks ready to bag. Get em going, gang!!
Gene, Jerome & Albert looking over the crabs. Looks GOOD, they said!! Andy and C.J. working the fish fry!!! Guy, Jeremy & David chatting as we contemplate the end of the "Fries."
Daniel serving customers as they line up for the "Fish," plus the sides French Fries, Potato salad & Cole Slaw! Jeremy mans the drink station!!