Anthony, Jimmy & Jerome working on the hamburgers, hotdogs & French Fries. Round & Round they go. Wonder who won't find a seat?? Travis & Bob keep a close eye on the activities.
Last minute scramble. Looks like Wonder Woman doesn't get a seat. Oh, Oh, Maria takes her eyes off the chairs!! And, she is left out!!
Costume judging time. Glad I don't have to decide. Ok, who wins??
Jimmy's grandchild sure looks good as they judge the outfits. Looks like she is enjoying the cupcake!! Hard at work on the playdough characters.
Looking good. Wonder if it'll win? Sarah assisting with the play dough characters. Travis and Corine hard at work!!
Looking very intent!! Bill and Robert doing the judging. OK, looks like Mommy made this one!!
Corinne tries for an apple. And she gets one. We have a winner.
And, another!! Quite an outfit, and Maria wins. He looks happy with his prize.
And, so does she!!