Charles handles one pot while Bob & Bill discuss ways to speed things up. Jerome pours spices into the pot while Bob & Bill discuss the project. C.J. takes over so Charles can see how the "paddle" is used.
It looks like this group is enjoying the Jambalaya with fixings. Another group enjoying their Free lunch gives the Thumbs Up!! Charles hands out plates as Jerome and Kristel dish out the jambalaya.
Another group arrives and we get ready to serve. Large group of Students enjoying the St. George sponsored lunch. More are in the Cafeteria enjoying the free lunch.
The inside line being served by St. George Staff. Is that Matt? A St. George staff member points to the jambalaya area while others serve. Is that Teri fixing a plate? Teri serves one of the LSU students!!
Martin and other staff members dole out the drinks. Father Mike serving the tasty jambalaya!! Bob busy handing out the plates. Charles and Jerome check out Kristel's serving techniques.