Light Up for Christ
December 1, 2009
Looks like the Apple Cobbler is in the house. Some Cronans look happy about the Kleinpeter Ice Cream. Peter is busy doling out the cobbler!!
DD Carl leads the group in "God Bless America!!" Looks like Will is getting into the singing, but Sis is not too enthused!! Peter begins the explanation of the Flag Retirement Ceremony.
Scouts hold the US Flag to be retired. The retirement begins by removing the Stars, which represent One Nation. The Stars are folded as the remainder remains to be torn apart, white and red separately.
Maria picks a number to see who carries the Christ Child. And, the winner is McKenzie!! McKenzie carries the Christ Child to the Nativity Scene.
OK McKenzie, it's wet, but Christ has stopped the rain for our Light Up For Christ Ceremony!! Well, it's difficult to hook up, so GK Coco gets the job, HA!! The crib is set, so lets have some light!!
The light shines with the crowd in the background. All sing "Silent Night" as we end the Ceremony.