Mother's Day Roses
May 9, 2010
Jimmy, with Gene behind him, check out Dr. Bill handing out roses! Dr. Bill hands a rose to a MOM!! Jimmy hands out a rose to a MOM!!
Michael B. hands out roses on Mother's Day. Rupert hands roses for MOMS who are receiving communion at home. Louis handing out Mother's Day Roses.
Louis gets help from his grandson to hand roses to MOMS!! Steven looks busy handing out roses. The Blanchards, Justin, Christy, Isley & Lilly as Colby hands a rose to MOM!!
Mason seems to be enjoying his duty as he hands out roses!! Michael H. hands out roses to Mom's. Gene hands the MOM a rose as the girls look for one. Sorry, girls, only MOMS!!!
Gene & David man the main entrance after 11:30 Holy Mass. John Neupert helps with the roses at 11:30 Holy Mass!! Thanks, John!!