PGK Coco opens the Officer Installation Meeting. Deacon Tommy leads a prayer for ALL who are ill, and especially PGK Bob Fernandez who had surgery on the 24th. DD Mike Coleman enters the Council Hall to begin the Installation.
GK Coco turns the meeting over to DD Mike. Warden Anthony leads the procession of officers to be installed. New GK Mark Sanchez being installed.
New Deputy Grand Knight Steve Turner being installed. PGK Louis Rogge continues as Chancellor. Danny Fontenot continues as Recorder.
CJ Glynn re-ups as warden. New Treasurer Jeremy Cronan takes his oath. Trustees being installed. Thanks, Alex for standing in for PGK Travis.
Andre' gets installed as Advocate again. Jerome & Gene re-up as Inside & Outside Guards. DD Mike places the Grand Knight emblem on new GK Mark.
DD Mike places the Deputy GK emblem on Steve. DD Mike places the Advocate emblem on Louis. DD Mike places the Warden emblem on C.J.
Deacon Tommy blesses the new KC4030 Officers. Grand Knight Mark gives thanks for being elected and asks that all members work together in this Fraternal Year. New KC 4030 Officers with DD Mike and Deacon Tommy.