Louisiana State Convention
April 30, 2010
Bob ponders a question while going through the registrations area.
Note the Pro-Life area where gifts were being accepted.
The State Convention Diaz with state officers. Lunch on Saturday did include a little Cajun Music!!
OK, Bob, here's your lunch. It was a long wait!!! The KC 4030 Crew enjoying lunch. Ok, Ronnie "REALLY" does work. Here's the proof as he pays bills.
Getting ready for the State Council Holy Mass!! Fourth Degree Honor Guard leading the Holy Mass Procession. The procession enters, led by the Crucifix!!
OK, Vernon, we know it's a blurry pic, but we know YOU!! Lake Charles Bishop followed by a priest and Lafayette Bishop. Looks like Mgsr Susi leading the way. The procession continues toward the altar for Holy Mass at 105th Louisiana State Convention.
Procession after Holy Mass. Mgsr Susi, State Chaplain, along with other priests and the 2 Bishops leaving after Holy Mass. Close-up of the Lafayette Bishop.
Honor Guard follows the Bishops and priests after Holy Mass. KC 4030 contigent at table waiting for the beginning of the Banquet. Bob & Ron hold KC4030 awards by the State Council sign.
KC4030 crew with awards. Ron, Jo & Bob hold the awards by the Louisiana State Council sign. State Deputy Ben Davidson with the KC4030 crew and their awards.
Another view of the State Deputy and the KC4030 crew. State Deputy Ben hands GK Coco the #1 certificate for biggest % gain during the State Year.