Jerome, Louis, Ron & Bill during Rosary at Tomb of Unborn. Some Coleman's, Jerome, Louis & Ron pray the rosary with other participants. Bob, Jo, Casey, David, Maria with Arceneaux's in background & others pray the rosary.
Yolanda, Rupert, Ron, Cel. and Bob with others praying the rosary. Louis prays as Ron looks for Father Frank. Coleman's & Arceneaux's pray at Tomb of Unborn.
Molly teaches the rosary as Mrs Toups prays. All seem to be praying from Jo to Jerome!!  
Another view of attendees. Louis & Ron pray the rosary. Bill with his wife along with C.j., Mike, Sarah, and Stephen.
Ken & Michele among others. The Knights and others behind the Tomb of Unborm after praying the rosary. The Knights & Families pray at Tomb of Unborn.