Ultrasound Dedication
Woman's Center of Lafayette,
Lafayette, LA  September 7th, 2010
Bishop Jarrell blessing the new WCoL UltraSound donated by St. George & KC 4030. PSD Ben, Ron, SD Ronnie, the UltraSound, Bishop Jarrell & Brenda DesOrmeaux during the Blessing Ceremony. PSD Ben, SD Ronnie, the UltraSound, Richard & Ron during the Blessing Ceremony.
Employees and volunteers at WCoL. Brenda & Bishop Jarrell in her office during the Blessing Ceremony. Richard, Ron, SD Ronnie & PSD Ben in the WCoL Chapel.
The same crew at the rear of the Chapel with Our Lady of Guadeloupe! PSD Ben and an employee at the children's store next door to WCoL. The items are mostly donated, or used, and priced very reasonably. SD Ronnie and Dr. Bergeron in the WCoL Children's shop.

Ultrasound Dedication
Woman's New Life Center,
Metairie, LA  April 27th, 2010
New Orleans ArchBishop Gregory Aymond waits for the signal to proceed through the 4th Degree Honor Guard to Bless the WNLC UltraSound. Archbishop Aymond walks through the 4th Degree Honor on his entry to bless the WNLC Ultrasound. Bill Bergeron, 4th Degree, who leads a Rosary on Saturdays at Abortion Clinic next to WNLC, with GK Larry Jones, KC 13425 that donated $2,000 to the WNLC.
New Orleans ArchBishop Aymond prays during the service at the WNLC UltraSound Blessing. Susan Mire, CEO & Founder of Woman's New Life Center recites a prayer during the Blessing ceremony. Angie Thomas, JD, Exec. Director of WNLC leads in a Litany of Prayers as the audience responds, "Lord Hear Our Prayer!"
ArchBishop Aymond Blesses the WNLC UltraSound as State Deputy Ben Davidson with his son, Peter, member of KC 4030 (on left) look and pray!! KC 4030 UltraSound Campaign Chairman Richard Bosse, with his family, explains the Campaign and the projected Unborn Children the machines will save!! Larry Jones, GK, KC 13425, presents a check for $2,000 to WNLC Exec. Director Angie Thomas, JD, and Susan Mire, CEO & Founder.
GK Ron Coco, KC 4030, New Orleans ArchBishop Aymond, GK Larry Jones, KC 13425 & Louisiana State Deputy Ben Davidson, at WNLC UltraSound Blessing. Louisiana State Deputy Ben Davidson, Richard Bosse, KC 4030 and Benjamin Clapper, Louisiana Right to Life Federation at the WNLC UltraSound Blessing. Woman's New Life Center UltraSound.
KC 4030 Grand Knight Coco, the WNLC Ultrasound and KC State Deputy Ben Davidson.    

Ultrasound Dedication
Care Pregnancy Center,
Baton Rouge, LA  July 17th, 2009
Fourth Degree Knights Honor Guard await the procession into the CPC. Dorothy Wallis of the Care Pregnancy Center starts the procession into the CPC. Father Mike Schatzle enters CPC with the Fourth Degree Honor Guard.
Richard Bosse and Father Frank Bass, St. George Assoc. Pastor enter through the Fourth Degree Honor Guard. KC State Deputy Ben Davidson enters CPC through the Fourth Degree Honor Guard. Father Mike, with Area Deputy Vince Whittington below at left with new Ultrasound.
Father Frank Bass, Dianne Hanley and Father Mike at dedication of new Ultrasound. The new Ultrasound donated to CPC after the St. George Campaign. Cost was covered by KC Supreme, 50% and Anonymous Donor, 50%. St George collection saved to purchase another, with St. George School campaign. Father Frank, Dianne, Father Mike, with AD Vince & SD Ben below listen as Richard explains the Ultrasound Campaign.
Richard Bosse, St. George Ultrasound Campaign Coordinator & KC Member addresses the attendees. Richard listens intently as State Deputy Ben speaks during the Ultrasound Dedication. State Deputy Ben Davidson leaves the podium following his Dedication Comments.
State Deputy Ben Davidson, The Ultrasound, Richard Bosse - KC & St. George Catholic Church Coordinator, and Ron Coco, GK - Mother of Mercy Council 4030 as he comments on the Ultrasound Campaign. Father Mike Schatzle- Pastor of St. George Catholic Church during the Blessing of the Ultrasound. Dianne Hanley speaks at the Ultrasound Dedication.
Dorothy Wallis & Father Mike cut the ribbon, flanked by the KC Honor Guard. Dorothy Wallis and Father Mike Schatzle perform the ribbon cutting ceremony. OK, the deed is done!!!
Dorothy and Dianne after the Dedication Ceremony.    

Ultrasound Dedication
Woman's New Life Center,
Metairie, LA  July 17th, 2009

View of the Abortion Clinic next door to the Women's New Life Center Chapel in Metairie, La.

The WNLC Chapel set up for Holy Mass which we attended during our visit to dedicate the donated Ultrasound.

The 2 year old Ultrasound replaced at the Care Pregnancy Center in Baton Rouge by the KCs and St. George Church now at the WNLC in Metairie, La.


Richard Bosse - KC & St. George Catholic Church Ultrasound Coordinator, Angie Thomas- Executive Director, WNLC, the donated Ultrasound, Ben Davidson - Knights of Columbus Louisiana State Deputy. and Ron Coco - Grand Knight, Mother of Mercy Council 4030, Baton Rouge, La.

Father Joseph Doyle at the WNLC Chapel in Metairie, La. after performing Holy Mass.


Ultrasound Campaign & Donuts
June 2009

Is that Cheryl V getting a Do-Nut as Dan, Glynn & Anthony look on?

C.J. & Bill man the drink table after 7:30 a.m. Holy Mass.

Jeff hands out Ultrasound info at the Choir exit.

Louis looks busy with the Ultrasound info at the left exit.

Albert Abadie is busy at one of the main exits handing out Ultrasound 

Ken looks VERY busy with the Ultrasound handouts after 9:30 a.m. Holy 

Father Mike discusses the Ultrasound campaign with some St. George Parishioners.

Rupert and C.J. dish out the drinks after the 9:30 a.m. Holy Mass.

Travis & Company handing out the Do-Nuts after the 9:30 a.m. Holy Mass.