Gene as he cuts fish for the fry

Bob hands Michael his purchase.  Andre serving behind

Michael gets his tartar sauce.  Tim & Andre' in background

Michael & Mark get the trays ready for fries & fish

Guy and _______ chatting behind the kitchen.

Andre, _______, & Jimmy serve the Fish Fry customers.

Mike counts the dough!!!______ looks toward the serving line.

Andy gets the bread rolls ready!!

King Fish Richard Goudeau!

Helper C. J. Glynn preparing to cook.

Brother Guy Franco always ready to cook fish.

How many cooks does it take?  Never Enough!

St. George Men's Club is a big help.

Jeff & Bob dunning people for money.

Andre Toups serving the crowd.

Some more customers.  Thanks!

Another successful fund raiser.

I guess somebody has to clean up.