Stephen, Mrs. Peter Davidson (w/Ben in background), Michael & Colby. Grand Knight Coco at podium while Father Frank gives instructions for the Officer Installment. Michael at left is the Warden.
Mark, Louis, Danny and Todd in line to be installed as KC 4030 officers. DD Carl installs Grand Knight Coco.
DD Carl installs Deputy GK Mark. DD Carl with Grand Knight Coco, Deputy Grand Knight Mark, Chancelor Louis, and Warden Michael wait for their wives to put on their respective Officer Jewels.
Jo puts Grand Knight Coco's jewel as the group looks on. Grand Knight & Mrs Coco.
Father Frank blesses the newly installed officers. OK. Get that tape off the floor so we can set the tables for dinner.
State Deputy Ben Davidson with Jo Coco enjoy dinner. DD Carl and wife Arlene at dinner following the officer installation.
Barbara & Louis with the Fernandez clan in the background. Deputy Grand Knight Mark with Will & Molly.
Todd & wife, Gene & Stephen with the Dimattia's in background. Colby & Michael with Mary Kate & Jaime Lynn.
The Arceneauxs, Bosses, and Toups enjoying dinner. Anthony & Nancy, with the Fernandez family in the background, enjoy the dinner.
Newly returned member Joe Anselmo working in the kitchen. Thanks, Joe, and welcome back!! C.J. and Jerome check to be sure all is in order. GREAT job with the delicious dinner, brothers!!!